Stroke Care

Stroke is a very common medical problem of present era and it is a very demanding and stressful episode for the entire family. In the India, today, the leading cause of adult disability is stroke. Dealing with the physical, emotional and behavioral changes after someone you love has survived a stroke can be difficult for each of you. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that caring for stroke patients costs $38.6 billion each year. And recovery at home is usually more cost-effective, Our team will provide process based care to recovering stroke patients to releive stress of family members. Depending on the patient's needs, our services includes :

  • Physical therapy to help restore physical functioning and treat problems with movement, balance and coordination.
  • Occupational therapy to help patients relearn or develop adaptive strategies for performing the skills of daily living, such as eating, walking and dressing.
  • Speech-language therapy to regain language and communication skills and address swallowing problems.
  • Mental health counseling to help the patient cope with emotional and behavior changes that sometimes occur after a stroke.

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